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Welcome to the Internet's only dedicated site to Power Wheels Mods (Peg Perego and others are also VERY welcome!)

What can we help you with?
Power Wheels Forums! - We have forums where you can get all of your questions answered! There are new posts everyday with many people just as excited about power wheels modifications as you are! Everything from adding a replacement battery, power wheels reviews, upgrading to more speed or a complete new suspension!
Power Wheels Videos! - Videos that help you make some of the modifications we have made to our power wheels. We have videos with Dumar, peg perego and Powerwheels mods as well as all different types of vehicles. It is almost like having one of us there with you making the upgrade!
Be Careful! - You make these changes at your own risk and more importantly the safety of your child is #1. Consider if your child is ready for a faster vehicle or one that can jump curbs before you put them in it!
Support and Parts! - We have taken the time to test out replacement parts manufacturers, battery makers and even suppliers to make recommendations to you! Some are posted as links on the site or in narrative within the Forums!

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Just for girls!

We have started a section of the forums just for girls (the little girls, not moms, sorry dads are welcome to post). I started this site with my daughter and want to make sure there is a place for us to review powerwheels for girls, power wheels modifications for girls, and anything else related to girls and peg perego etc! Check out the power wheels for girls review area of the forum: power wheels for girls

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Top Recommended Vehicles
So we asked the experts what vehicles they recommended and here is the list in a somewhat top to bottom order:
The "grey" F150 seemed to be a popular PowerWheels in the forums. Comments included:

" I think the Grey F150 is a decent buy at $127. It's Super 6 so it has upgrade potential." from jfoust


"Ford F-150 wins my pic for most durable. Cause I rarely see one for repair. It's only weak point is the shifter design breaks. I sell very few tires so they must be holding out better then the others. And it has the best all terrain tire tread." from AlanP
The red mustang was popular for its realistic looks and large interior size. Comments included:

"1. Mustang (both my kids love Mustangs and it 'looks' like a real car." from turbokev


"I would definitely have to say the Mustang, it is by far my sons favorite, fast, roomy, and one of the most realistic looking Power Wheels." from FjCruiser
The Escalade. Some wanted pink and others black, but everyone liked the real opening doors and radio! Comments included:

"Easy to mod for lights and sound system as well as gear upgrades. Parts are also readily available. " from Mama


"4. Escalade (cause it's huge and has opening doors, radio etc)" from turbokev

Frequently Asked Questions in the Forums. Be sure to check here first to get your question answered!

Battery Mods - Must Do's What you should DO before changing or adding to your powerwheels battery!
If you are new to modding, you should read this! Some basic tips for those new to mossing powerwheels or modifying peg perego or any other brand!
Battery Mods-DONT'S What NOT to do when changing or adding to your Powerwheels Battery
FAQ - How do I install a new battery? So you have the new battery for your powerwheels but how do you put it in?
FAQ - Traction Bands /Increased Traction Everyone wants more traction. Becareful! Traction bands are bad (and a waste of money)
FAQ - Where can I buy batteries? OK so we have a theme here. More about Powerwheels or Peg perego batteries.
FAQ - Connecting batteries to get 18 volts Again with the batteries! Thats right it is the most common and easiest upgrade for your peg perego or powerwheels ride on.
FAQ - Battery connectors OK enough with the batteries, but if you are going to add batteries to make your powerwheels faster, you better do it right!
FAQ - What paint to use on plastic & Painting tips Now that you have more batteries you want your powerwheels or Peg perego to look good right?
FAQ - Unibody front end sag/alignment fix Powerwheels Jeeps tend to sag a bit. Not just because mom decided to take one for a spin either! Here is how to fix your powerwheels sag.
FAQ - Which charger should I use? Well you have new batteries and no good way to charge them except the old power wheels charge? Get rid of that powerwheels charger and step up to a much better option.
FAQ - Push Nuts (Things that hold the wheels on) These things can be annoying, but the are alternatives and methods to keep them from breaking.
FAQ - how to post a picture At some point you are going to want to show us what you are doing to modify your power wheels or peg perego ride on. You do this by posting pictures.