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24 Volts!
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Here are all of the PowerWheels Modifications Videos so far:
Dune Beetle Powerwheels to 18 Volts!
We fixed this power wheels up and made it 18Volts rather than 12..

Traction Bands!
Well not really traction bands, but BETTER!All traction bands sold for power wheels, peg perego or Dumar vehicles are just strips of rubber cut to fit your vehicle held on by glue. They provide traction on the street, but actually REDUCE traction in the grass or rocks.As usual, Modified Power Wheels offers a free video about how to make your own traction bands from BMX tires! We bought them new, but old ones will work just as well.

Powerwheels modification to 24 volts from 12 volts in sand:

Powerwheels modification 24 volt power wheels walking the dog (lights and horn were added to this power wheels)

Modified powerwheels proof that 24 volts will make it go at least 8 MPH in a power wheels!

Convert your 6V powerwheels to 12 volts!

How to convert a powerwheels from 12 volts to 24 volts and add lights and horn

Power Wheels adding new motors/ replacing old with gears (pinions)

Power Wheels 24 volt Harley - make your modified powerwheels go 12 MPH with this simple battery change. This is my favoriate powerwheels modification!

Power Wheels solstice upgrade to 18 volts - this is actually made by DUMAR, but the part are pure powerwheels!

Removing the brake:

Fixing the gears/ broken cogg:

24 Volt Quad: